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    naruto dubbed episodes (rmvb)


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    naruto dubbed episodes (rmvb) Empty naruto dubbed episodes (rmvb)

    Post  dragongamers on Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:01 pm

    naruto dubbed episodes (rmvb) Naruto

    Naruto closely follows the life of a boy who is feared and detested by the villagers of the hidden leaf village of Konoha. The distrust of the boy has little to do with the boy himself, but it’s what’s inside him that causes anxiety. Long before Naruto came to be, a Kyuubi (demon fox) with great fury and power waged war taking many lives. The battle ensued for a long time until a man known as the Fourth Hokage, Yondaime, the strongest ninja in Konoha, fiercely fought the Kyuubi. The fight was soon won by Yondaime as he sealed the evil demon in a human body. Thus the boy, Naruto, was born. As Naruto grows he decides to become the strongest ninja in Konoha in an effort to show everyone that he is not as they perceive him to be, but is a human being worthy of love and admiration. But the road to becoming Hokage, the title for the strongest ninja in Konoha, is a long and arduous one. It is a path filled with betrayal, pain, and loss; but with hard work, Naruto may achieve Hokage.

    Total: 220 Episodes + OVA
    Format: RM, RMVB / English Dubbed
    Size: ~30-70Mb
    Year: 2002-2007
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

    001. Naruto Uzumaki! Q2UP14JR
    002. My Name Is Konohamaru! SND1JXG5
    003. Sasuke and Sakura Friends or Foes AENSE8Q6
    004. Pass or Fail Survival Test I6LVBNKE
    005. You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision 1U8AD9KC
    006. A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves! BYZDF1LJ
    007. The Assassin of the Mist 1G1EA026
    008. The Oath of Pain NJU425U5
    009. Kakashi Sharingan Warrior! YA61Z9A5
    010. The Forest of Chakra JA1NUNAJ
    011. The Land Where a Hero Once Lived DJV0RK1U
    012. Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns! 2CEC8BO2
    013. Haku's Secret Jutsu Crystal Ice Mirrors PDFQMQR0
    014. The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight! JCUK1EU6
    015. Zero Visibility The Sharingan Shatters JD4I45KC
    016. The Broken Seal 1G7GHTLZ
    017. White Past Hidden Ambition 4DGI7WXF
    018. The Weapons Known as Shinobi BAMOP2LN
    019. The Demon in the Snow VN6R4DE2
    020. A New Chapter Begins The Chunin Exam UQWOM7A9
    021. Identify Yourself Powerful New Rivals PXEFCHAO
    022. Chunin Challange Rock Lee vs Sasuke 919TC319
    023. Genin Takedown! All Nine Rookies Face Off! QL5ROKYX
    024. Start Your Engines The Chunin Exam Begins WVJ0I372
    025. The Tenth Question All or Nothing DNRNXJAS
    026. Special Report Live from the Forest of Death 7RGN1JWF
    027. The Chunin Exam Stage 2 The Forest of Death REV10B9D
    028. Eat or be Eaten Panic in the Forest HYAYQC66
    029. Naruto's Counterattack Never Give In! GAQ48JBL
    030. The Sharingan Revived Dragon Flame Jutsu! LV4FD30R
    031. Bushy Brow's Pledge Undying Love and Protection IM6VAWRM
    032. Sakura Blossoms! W5UOVESJ
    033. Battle Formation Ino-Shika-Cho! IPEZIHXO
    034. Akamaru Trembles Gaara's Cruel Strength! E9SWRDUU
    035. The Scroll's Secret No Peeking Allowed 9NS86OSN
    036. Clone vs. Clone Mine Are Better Than Yours JNTWGO06
    037. Surviving the Cut The Rookie Nine Together Again! ZQWA426H
    038. Narrowing the Field Sudden Death Elimination! CMJUYXOX
    039. Bushy Brow's Jealousy Lions Barrage Unleashed! 1J5F4583
    040. Kakashi and Orochimaru Face-to-Face! Y4Q7YK9Y
    041. Kunoichi Rumble The Rivals Get Serious! GJ1A45IJ
    042. The Ultimate Battle Cha! LGXHFWUH
    043. Killer Kunoichi and a Shaky Shikamaru R2OCNOZ9
    044. Akamaru Unleashed! Who's Top Dog Now ! LZEVDWKK
    045. Surprise Attack! Naruto's Secret Weapon! H7P3UEG4
    046. Byakugan Battle Hinata Grows Bold! M3TBVBU7
    047. A Failure Stands Tall! BH3LSNPP
    048. Gaara vs. Rock Lee The Power of Youth Explodes! WC359AGP
    049. Lee's Hidden Strength Forbidden Secret Jutsu! O48HX5MN
    050. The Fifth Gate A Splendid Ninja is Born!! LNHDH0KM
    051. A Shadow in the Darkness Danger Approaches Sasuke 8NFZCK0S
    052. Ebisu Returns Naruto's Toughest Training Yet! 2LVDZZLV
    053. Long Time No See Jiraiya Returns! SYF6VHF9
    054. Summoning Jutsu Wisdom of the Toad Sage! SKZEEJ47
    055. A Feeling of Yearning, a Flower Full of Hope Y2ZD8CTO
    056. Live or Die! Risk It All to Win It All! X4TYT2KB
    057. He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad Appears! 2I0AAM8V
    058. Hospital Besieged The Evil Hand Revealed! FA7RKZFY
    059. The Final Rounds Rush to the Battle Arena! M20T76D0
    060. Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu! S79GNXO5
    061. Ultimate Defense Zero Blind Spot! 0BNVMEOQ
    062. A Failure's True Power FNXOH102
    063. Hit It or Quit It The Final Rounds Get Complicated! UV5WTPD0
    064. Zero Motivation The Guy with Cloud Envy! VQDSGHVB
    065. Dancing Leaf, Squirming Sand 3GX26TFY
    066. Bushy Brow's Jutsu Sasuke Style! OSDP9MZM
    067. Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born! 9VYKX07C
    068. Zero Hour! The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins! VR2B5Z68
    069. Village in Distress A New A-Ranked Mission! SZYF7CRH
    070. A Shirker's Call to Action Layabout No More! Z2R246UU
    071. An Unrivaled Match Hokage Battle Royale! 3PENT1WN
    072. A Mistake from the Past A Face Revealed! Z171JWJK
    073. Forbidden Secret Technique Reaper Death Seal! GBEEQDL9
    074. Astonishing Truth Gaara's Identity Emerges! 73C49IDK
    075. Sasuke's Decision Pushed to the Edge! IMVN55Y5
    076. An Assassin of the Moonlit Night 6ZJTH6UQ
    077. Light vs. Dark The Two Faces of Gaara! W9925XRV
    078. Naruto's Ninja Handbook 9KVDVSM1
    079. Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light KGK08F9A
    080. The Third Hokage, Forever... O5NP2KV0
    081. Return of the Morning Mist 1WX37DSQ
    082. Eye to Eye Sharingan vs Sharingan! L7C7ABV0
    083. Jiraiya Naruto's Potential Disaster! ZGRRR8H0
    084. Roar, Chidori! Brother vs. Brother! J2S46P1X
    085. Hate Among the Uchihas The Last of the Clan! L100C3YX
    086. A New Training Begins I Will Be Strong! AP2BR49Y
    087. Keep on Training Pop Goes the Water Balloon! V9MU47OD
    088. Focal Point The Symbol of the Hidden Leaf GBUSKBRR
    089. An Impossible Choice The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart 6OEK33X9
    090. Unforgivable! A Total Lack of Respect! TK1WNHJ7
    091. Inheritance! The Necklace of Death!! 0FD9EC4H
    092. A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice! UP0J1QPD
    093. Breakdown! The Deal is Off! 1ANJU0J0
    094. Attack! Fury of the Rasengan! 4P23TM76
    095. The Fifth Hokage A Life on the Line 947224AJ
    096. Deadlock! Sannin Showdown! 0PA2QM8R
    097. Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Springs Adventure! TWSXVWIZ
    098. Tsunade's Warning Ninja No More FZE42SWA
    099. The Will of Fire Still Burns CGPBJMR6
    100. Sensei and Student The Bond of a Shinobi! KCSQ3N2Q
    101. Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! 938H9WA5
    102. Mission Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea! U5T7UM4E
    103. The Race is On! Trouble on the High Seas! YFQQRYTQ
    104. Run Idate, Run! Nagi Island Awaits! VQ8KYQYM
    105. A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder! TME5112L
    106. The Last Leg A Final Act of Despiration B378OAQ9
    107. The Battle Begins Naruto vs. Sasuke TWG6EJPH
    108. Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds GFLPOE0D
    109. An Invitation from the Sound UGXNWZKF
    110. Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad! W6504TUI
    111. Sound vs. Leaf 540XHO6B
    112. Squad Mutiny Everything Falls Apart! 5UNBTZAK
    113. Full Throttle Power! Choji, Ablaze! S3G8GKL9
    114. Goodbye Old Friend! I'll Always Believe in You! AC784OMO
    115. Your Opponent is Me! C79IQVNP
    116. 360 Degrees of Vision, The Byakugan's Blind Spot! 7RTSVIC4
    117. Losing Is Not an Option! J73ZHN8Q
    118. The Vessel Arrives Too Late A0Y79DA3
    119. Miscalculation A New Enemy Appears! C1HSMZTU
    120. Roar and Howl, The Ultimate Tag-Team! 9QRTC9WQ
    Naruto 121 - To Each His Own Battle: 6SU96Y6K
    Naruto 122 - Fakeout Shikamaru's Comeback: 49X1VY9X
    Naruto 123 - The Leaf's Handsome Devil!: CNREFWRJ
    Naruto 124 - The Beast Within: ZNLMQ2ZU
    Naruto 125 - The Sand Shinobi Allies of the Leaf: Y8ZLJXBC
    Naruto 126 - Showdown Gaara vs. Kimimaro: RA6L2FO1
    Naruto 127 - Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!: IXP8Y0QO
    Naruto 128 - A Cry on Deaf Ears: 67E3ZF0M
    Naruto 129 - Brothers Distance Among the Uchiha: 4QOF27N0
    Naruto 130 - Father and Son, the Broken Crest: EVQT3B4D
    Naruto 131 - The Secrets of the Mangekyō Sharingan: HYQD046R
    Naruto 132 - For a Friend...: B8NPQVMU
    Naruto 133 - A Plea from a Friend: LLMEOMQV
    Naruto 134 - The End of Tear: KNG05MRT
    Naruto 135 - The Promise That Could Not Be Kept: II34CI78
    Naruto 136 - Deep Cover! A Super S-Ranked Mission!: OWYCBX9I
    Naruto 137 - A Town of Outlaws, The Shadow of the Fuma Clan: MB6Y1IE2
    Naruto 138 - Pure Betrayal and a Fleeting Plea: WQ5IGEHT
    Naruto 139 - Pure Terror! The House of Orochimaru!: 3KMF1ZPS
    Naruto 140 - Two Heartbeats Kabuto's Trap: VPB2SMNW
    Naruto 141 - Sakura's Determination!: DSHTFNBN
    Naruto 142 - The Three Villians from the Maximum Security Prison: N9FYT6RK
    Naruto 143 - Ton Ton! I'm Counting on You!: K1TBMBOQ
    Naruto 144 - A New Squad! Two People and a Dog!: EAV36VI7
    Naruto 145 - A New Formation Ino-Shika-Cho!: A6WP14YK
    Naruto 146 - Remaining Ambition Orochimaru's Shadow: 6QD2UCK9
    Naruto 147 - A Clash of Fate You Can't Bring Me Down!: YTQ7SUPC
    Naruto 148 - The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle: 2LMKAB9X
    Naruto 149 - What's the Difference Don't All Insects Look Alike: XUYMKW21
    Naruto 150 - A Battle of Bugs! The Deceivers and the Deceived: QS200HTN
    Naruto 151 - Blaze Away, Byakugan! This is My Ninja Way: 5XDU3SXC
    Naruto 152 - Funeral March for the Living: 3WLZVAEX
    Naruto 153 - A Lesson Learned The Iron Fist of Love: 2EH6T3QL
    Naruto 154 - The Enemy of the Byakugan: W0D3H7YY
    Naruto 155 - The Dark Creeping Clouds: LR5RNUTM
    Naruto 156 - Raiga's Counterattack: QR156WTN
    Naruto 157 - Run! The Curry of Life: 55ZO6IKD
    Naruto 158 - Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge: C44A3PWW
    Naruto 159 - The Bounty Hunter from the Wilderness: 9I80ARAN
    Naruto 160 - Hunt or Be Hunted! Showdown at the O.K. Temple: Q96LUI6O
    Naruto 161 - The Appearance of Strange Visitors: 1NOYXQUG
    Naruto 162 - The Cursed Warrior: 8CI6H1ED
    Naruto 163 - The Tactician's Intent: P108EL5T
    Naruto 164 - Too Late for Help: 1XY2OOU3
    Naruto 165 - The Death of Naruto: E1SJENL6
    Naruto 166 - When Time Stands Still: 0JR42Z9X
    Naruto 167 - When Egrets Flap Their Wings: NC5HWYKZ
    Naruto 168 - Mix it, Stretch it, Boil it Up! Burn Copper Pot, Burn: RILG28B5
    Naruto 169 - Remembrance The Lost Page: TV98IIBC
    Naruto 170 - The Closed Door: H277SDOF
    Naruto 171 - Infiltration The Set-Up: GLTV6ZNJ
    Naruto 172 - Despair A Fractured Heart: WZZH38VO
    Naruto 173 - Battle at Sea The Power Unleashed: Q3Y3C691
    Naruto 174 - Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art Money Style Jutsu: 2QKBNW7Y
    Naruto 175 - The Treasure Hunt is On: UHOZ04S5
    Naruto 176 - Run, Dodge, Zigzag! Chase or Be Chased: 04WSQ30H
    Naruto 177 - Please, Mr. Postman: 212YARER
    Naruto 178 - Encounter! The Boy with a Star's Name: 76H0IEJ0
    Naruto 179 - The Remembered Lullaby: 3ZVLKQPY
    Naruto 180 - Hidden Jutsu! The Price of Ninja Art Kujaku: I17Y1VRI
    Naruto 181 - Hoshikage The Buried Truth: PQZ2TXE6
    Naruto 182 - Reunion The Remaining Time: MOL3Q0P0
    Naruto 183 - The Star's Radiance: SXAQYP8K
    Naruto 184 - Kiba's Long Day: GSX2JC9Y
    Naruto 185 - A Legend from the Hidden Leaf The Onbaa!: JRFCWF57
    Naruto 186 - Laughing Shino: PMNBZ23O
    Naruto 187 - Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service: U8SVHACT
    Naruto 188 - The Mystery of the Targeted Merchants: QJC8R8GF
    Naruto 189 - A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools: 86JZS5KM
    Naruto 190 - The Byakugan Sees the Blind Spot!: UUTBWX8U
    Naruto 191 - Forecast Death! Cloudy with Chance of Sun!: A1OD6VSR
    Naruto 192 - Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise: XGOGWBCX
    Naruto 193 - Viva Dojo Challenge! Youth is All About Passion: U5XUGVX4
    Naruto 194 - The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle: OQ2FXQ5C
    Naruto 195 - The Third Super-Beast: D7QLXT89
    Naruto 196 - Hot-Blooded Confrontation Student vs. Sensei: H2IBVLCM
    Naruto 197 - Crisis The Hidden Leaf 11 Gather: ADA6E5XQ
    Naruto 198 - The Anbu Gives Up Naruto's Recollection: VM4S13Y5
    Naruto 199 - The Missed Target: F15MGQNG
    Naruto 200 - The Powerful Helper: 3CR9XX9D
    Naruto 201 - Multiple Traps! Countdown to Destruction: JVRET1N3
    Naruto 202 - The Top 5 Ninja Battles: 60BHN739
    Naruto 203 - Kurenai's Decision Squad 8 Left Behind: W5JAQROI
    Naruto 204 - Yakumo's Sealed Power: Q2IA5CGQ
    Naruto 205 - Kurenai's Top Secret Mission The Promise with the Third Hokage: X4FTQ61Z
    Episode 206: Genjutsu or Reality? Those Who Control the Five Senses: RUVK0FY9
    Episode 207: Abilities that should have been sealed: E211BKIL
    Episode 208: Rare artifact, The weight of the Beauties of Nature: BBAZB7CX
    Episode 209: The Enemy 'Shinobazu: KLM5G8F3
    Episode 210: The Forest of Bewilderment: QNU3DIUL
    Episode 211: Memories of Fire: X3ZIRF8H
    Episode 212: Everyone's Paths: DP4KH8ES
    Episode 213: Lost Memories: PUNWOY8V
    Episode 214: Bringing Back Reality: SOX0L4QY
    Episode 215: A Past to be Erased: Q7CX5SJ5
    Episode 216: The Vanished Artisan - The Targeted Shukaku: OIY36SRJ
    Episode 217: Sand Alliance with the Leaf Shinobi: HR34F72Y
    Episode 218: Sealed Sand - Suikon's Counterattack: AGPY9YGL
    Episode 219: The Ultimate Weapon Reborn: H1ZH3OYJ
    Episode 220: Departure: NW0NRR9A

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