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    PS2 emulator version V2.0.9.5 plus bios


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    PS2 emulator version V2.0.9.5 plus bios

    Post  dragongamers on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:30 am

    this is the best emulator

    Playstation 2 Emulator v2.0.9.5 plus all Bios

    The playstation 2 emulator.
    Here is all you need to run Ps2 games on your Pc.
    The pack includes emulator itself plus PS2 bios for Japan, Eur, and USA
    Instructions Included
    Plugins for DX9 and 10 included and if you have a Dual Core CPU you will get even better FPS with one of the plugins included

    Code: P2095.rar


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